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How To choose Backpacking Tents For 2

It’s going to be Valentine’s day in a few weeks, so I thought that for a change, I would take my best girl dining under the stars. She’s not the outdoor-type of girl, and prefers to sleep in a bed. She had a horrible time when her family went camping when she was a teenager. I think she just did not have the right equipment. Good backpacking tents for 2 should do the trick.

I don’t plan on taking her on an expedition climb, but I still want a tent that can keep us warm and toasty. Most backpacking tents are built to withstand a little cold, but winter has been harsh the last year or so. I want a tent that is built for winter season. While our winters are not as harsh as further up north, still it can get quite chilly where I plan to take her.


I know that I will be carrying all the equipment, so I need a light one. Most tents for 2 people are between 1-2 kilos. It’s quite a walk to the best campsite, so I need to choose one that I can comfortably carry through the 2 mile hike. But the lighter it is, the tighter the fit inside the tent. I think I can compromise on this.

Price will be a major consideration too. I don’t know if I will be using the tent again since this will just be an experiment. They usually costs around $100-500, so I will aim for the cheapest I can get, but not too cheap that I could not use it again. If all goes well, this will be a regular activity for the both of us. If not, then it will be hundreds of dollars down the drain.

A decade or so ago, camping was a back-to-nature experience. Now, with all the new equipment, you can create a homey atmosphere, as if you did not leave your home. The right equipment will let you do this, so choose carefully.